Are you looking for a reliable and cost effective solution for an existing or new device? 

With our device independent platform, you can benefit from all the advanced messaging features and portal services without having to develop and manage your own software and infrastructure. 

We will add any new device to our platform - Send us your new device and we'll add it our platform FREE OF CHARGE! 


Global Alerting Platform

Why choose the Global Alerting Platform?

  • Customisable portals providing mapping, monitoring, alerting and geofencing
  • Two way device messaging
  • Format translation and routing (including messaging between device types)
  • Gateways to terrestrial messaging systems including SMS, email, twitter, Facebook and RSS
  • Device independent with built in support for SBD based devices
  • Standards compliant (WS*, SENDs, NSARC ICD, CENALD ICD)
  • Extensible API
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) model
  • Pay-as-you-go monthly fee per device, no up-front capital cost
  • Customisation and branding services available
  • Easy to integrate with first responders
  • Highly available and highly scalable
  • Proven track record

Do you have a creative idea that needs implementation? 

Web based applications and software integration may not be your core business but it is ours. 

Our team has been developing software and running highly available infrastructure for decades, we will work with you and help you to define your own application. 

Our experience within the industry enables us to offer you expert advice from a trustworthy partner.  We are happy to work under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and can even help you with the testing of your device.

We offer a number of off the shelf components that can be quickly assembled to form go to market solutions.

Our experienced Professional Services Team can build custom solutions to suit your customer’s specific requirements.


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Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)

RNLI wanted to improve safety on small fishing vessels by introducing a new automatic system that will quickly alert search and rescue authorities that a vessel is in serious danger. 


The GTTS-2000B track and trace unit integrates seamlessly with GAP and is already tracking vessels in the Atlantic Ocean.  Jan Ten Thije from GTT Systems commented “We started this partnership based upon mutual vision. Both companies turned out to be supplementary to each other in terms of knowhow, services and products. I look forward to our future cooperation”.  Leap Development 

Iridium pioneered the satellite phone industry more than 10 years ago with the first handheld, commercial satellite phone,” said Joel Thompson, VP, product management, Iridium. “We are pleased to have partnered with AWS, who developed the communications protocol, making it possible for other online tracking portals to develop their own customized solutions. Together with AWS, we are creating communications solutions connecting individuals and organizations everywhere". 

The Global Alerting Platform was chosen by Iridium to assist in the development and trials of the Iridium Extreme online tracking capability. GAP was the first platform to support all the features of the handset.







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