M2M and Telemetry

Managing, monitoring and controlling devices and equipment 

Linking together a global network of devices, from low cost IoT sensors to industrial plant control and remote vessel engine management, GAP provides business intelligence and data services for key enterprise systems.

What is M2M?

M2M “Machine-to-Machine” is two devices exchanging data without any human interference. It can be as simple as normal card access control or it can be as complex as a global sensor network connecting via multiple nodes into a single data repository to deliver data to a SCADA interface.

With the explosive growth and merging of the internet and mobile telephony, the costs of sensors coming down, M2M is expected to become the fastest growing part of the communications industry.

GAP M2M Services 

With recent innovations in low cost satellite technology, the GAP platform extends the reach of Machine to Machine (M2M) communications beyond GSM, to anywhere on Earth.

We make it easy to connect remote sensors, actuators and data loggers in remote locations. Now you can quickly provide end-to-end management, monitoring, control and reporting solutions using low cost equipment and simple software administered via the Web.

GAP is used across multiple sectors, including utilities, environmental management and maritime. Whether your requirements are for pipeline telemetry in Alaska, borehole monitoring in the Sahara or any other M2M need, we have it covered.

GAP supports an ever expanding range of devices across multiple communications bearers. Whether you use it “out of the box” or with the easy to use software development kit, a powerful and flexible platform which can help you consolidate existing infrastructure and improve operational efficiency.

Business Integration

Hardware developers/suppliers – A lightweight message protocol is available through our partner programme. This device independent protocol is optimised for cost and efficiency.

Software developers – GAP exposes an Application Programming Interface (API) to allow developers to easily integrate M2M data into new or existing business systems.

SCADA users – GAP supplies an OPC server connection to feed existing SCADA systems without the need for custom software and interfaces.

A modern HTTP web services API provides access to the data via the Web for integration into third party applications and web portals.

Code samples are available for a variety of programming languages and our professional services team can assist with application development.

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Device Support

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