Lone Worker and Safety

Keeping workforces safe

Every day thousands of people rely on GAP for global communication and safety management.  GAP is a key part of corporate business strategy for risk management and compliance, managing workforce protection and safety 24x7x365. 

GAP is a powerful & flexible global web-based satellite messaging and personnel tracking solution available via multiple satellite networks. The solution provides coverage in regions where terrestrial solutions may have limited, unreliable or restricted service.


Whether it is protecting lone workers, monitoring scientific expeditions in the Antarctic or protecting sailors on the high seas, more and more people want to carry a portable satellite messenger device to
keep in touch and raise the alarm in an emergency.
But the device is only half the story, you also need to guarantee that your messages will get through and reach the right person.

GAP is a complete satellite messaging platform that delivers alerts and information to ensure your personnel remain safe and in contact.   


  • Customisable web portal for mapping & tracking
  • Personal or group monitoring
  • Two-way messaging and routing
  • SMS, e-mail & social network integration
  • Geofencing
  • Remote configuration
  • Integration with Search & Rescue systems
  • GEOS 911 enabled
  • Extensible API

Lone Worker Protection with GAP

Why choose GAP? 

• Proven track record
• Globally scalable
• Highly available
• Robust
• Secure
• Trusted
GAP supports a wide variety of hardware options on a variety of satellite networks See our Device Support page for details.

How it Works

GAP supports any device or system that is able to send a positioning report electronically.  It obtains the position of a particular asset via the GPS network and transmits this information via a satellite or GSM network (on compatible hardware) to a central server for processing. 

The information is viewed via a secure web based mapping solution with programmable user access levels. GAP enables you to contact the device via its two way messaging functionality and alert an authority if there is an emergency.  

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