Corporate and Enterprise Satellite Communications Applications.

It's not just about communicating; it could literally be about life or death 

Whether it’s protecting lone workers, monitoring scientific expeditions in the Antarctic or protecting sailors on the high seas, satellite communications is now driving enterprise intelligence, workforce management and health and safety improvements. 

Employees can now carry cost effective portable satellite messenger devices to keep in touch and raise the alarm in an emergency. But the device is only half the story.  You also need to guarantee that your messages will get through and reach the right person. 

GAP is a ready-built solution for your ‘duty of care’ needs. Whatever your choice of device, we can offer a wide range of lone worker, safety monitoring and communication services. Our tools make it easy to keep in touch with your workforce and integrate with existing work force management systems.

GAP can respond to and meet the demands of an ever-changing global communications market.

Portal Broadcast to your team

We deliver successful projects that add real business value. We engage with our clients at any and all points of the project lifecycle. 

GAP provides applications for use in a wide range of scenarios:

  • Remote & lone worker
  • Humanitarian and disaster relief
  • Maritime Safety
  • Outdoor pursuits
  • VIP Protection
  • Vehicle & Shipment
  • Anti-Piracy

The features of GAP have been designed with Search and Rescue (SAR) in mind. GAP can route emergency alerts directly to SAR authorities or via intermediate first responders. Messages can be automatically transformed into standard formats (e.g. NSARC format) and can link directly into SAR command and control using open standards. Our software engineering expertise and satellite tracking know-how has already helped the UK lifeboat service (RNLI) to save nine lives. 

Why choose the Global Alerting Platform?

  • Up and running within hours
  • Device independent with built in support for SBD based devices
  • Two way device messaging
  • Format translation and routing (including messaging between device types)
  • Customizable portals providing web-based mapping, monitoring, alerting and geofencing
  • Gateways to terrestrial messaging systems including SMS, email, twitter, Facebook and RSS
  • Microsoft Outlook integration. Plug-in shows the location of the message directly within Outlook, without having to visit the portal
  • Highly available and highly scalable
  • Sate of the art data confidentiality protocols
  • Proven track record

 Outlook integration, Global Alerting Platform

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We worked with a well-known global engineering organisation to track high cost mining equipment.

A medical insurance company uses our application to track medical evacuations in Africa. 



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