Global Alerting Platform


GAP is a global hub for satellite messaging devices providing location tracking, emergency alerting, message routing and storage.

The GAP Team is part of two10degrees, an award winning software development and cloud computing company.


With headquarters in the United Kingdom and offices in central Europe, two10degrees employs a team of hardworking and unusually skilled people who have built a reputation for putting customers first and working in a dedicated and professional way

GAP Management Team

Richard Prodger, Technical Director Lucy Finlayson, Client Services Manager Ken Lawrence, Operations Director Todd MacDonald, Development Lead
Jeremy Barnes, Business Development Manager Neil Curno, Operations Manager    


We're passionate about software and welcome challenges from new and existing clients. We're a team who push the boundaries of technology to solve our customers’ most challenging problems, inspiring them to try new ideas and new business models.

We've been working at the forefront of cloud computing for the past two years and we aspire to help our clients migrate their existing systems and applications into the cloud with Microsoft Azure; ensuring smooth transactions and happy clients.


We're recognised for delivering innovative solutions; our agile and iterative approach to business, enables us to work closely with clients, using our niche skills in their web and enterprise solutions.

We use our expertise to develop software and practical applications that harnesses the power of Microsoft Azure; creating highly scalable, highly available, cost effective cloud solutions.

Our approach is built around delivering successful projects that add real business value. We engage with our clients at any and all points of the project lifecycle. For any scenario, our industry leading design, architecture and development skills deliver successful cloud enabled software solutions.

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Device Support

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