Device Support

The plethora of existing and emerging devices creates a major challenge for systems designers and developers. The Global Alerting Platform is designed specifically to be device agnostic. Through an advanced 'pluggable' architecture we can rapidly integrate practically any device into our platform so you can benefit from all the advanced messaging features and portal services without having to develop and manage your own software and infrastructure.

The Global Alerting Platform has been designed to provide support for devices compliant with the emerging Satellite Emergency Notification Devices (SENDs) standard. This standard, currently being developed by the Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM) seeks to address the minimum operating and performance requirements, technical requirements, and/or test procedures, with a view to their use for the production and possible certification of devices.

Outside of the scope of the standards body is the establishment of methods that such devices should use to contact the emergency services either directly or indirectly. This is where GAP comes in to add significant value. GAP provides a device independent means of standardising the communications from any device to the emergency services.

Listed here are the principal supported devices and services.


 Iridium Extreme

RNLI MOB GuardianIridium Extreme is the toughest,NAL Shout Nanomost feature-enhanced satellite phone on the market. It is part of a new force in communication, putting innovative capability into the hands of people everywhere. The Global Alerting Platform is available immediately with full support for online tracking for the new satellite phone. GAP was the first fully approved platform for use with the Iridium Extreme™.
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 Iridium GO!™

Combining the best that both satellite and mobile phones offer, Iridium GO! is the first in a whole new category of personal satellite connectivity devices. This compact, rugged and portable unit creates the first ever reliable global connection for voice and data communications on up to five smartphones or tablets. Iridium GO! simplifies global communications for anyone out of mobile network range. Supporting a full range of global communications, including: Voice calls, Email access, Applications, Social networking, Photo sharing, SMS two-way, GPS tracking and SOS alerts.


Osprey TMC

Osprey TMC The Osprey TMC (Track Monitor Control), from ASE, is the first commercially available SBD terminal that can provide GPS tracking, analog and digital monitoring and control, with over-the-air configuration and programming. In addition, it is a ready-to-deploy solution that contains a totally enclosed Iridium 9602 modem, embedded antenna, and rechargeable battery. The Osprey TMC is available with external mount antennas for bay-mounting installations.


 SHOUT nano & SHOUT nano ts

NAL Shout Nano The SHOUT nano is a handheld, global, two-way satellite communication device and emergency beacon.

NAL Shout Nano ts
It is designed with ultra-low power consumption electronics, and equipped with an LCD display and an onscreen keyboard allowing transmission of free text and canned messages.


The SHOUT nano ts is NAL's third-generation handheld satellite tracker and messaging device. It is the SHOUT nano with a touch screen allowing quick access to the menus and ease of entering text via on-screen keyboards.


InReach Explorer

InReach Explorer Navigate, create waypoints, log your trip and find your way back. Send and receive text messages. Trigger an interactive SOS. Plan, track and share your journey. You can do all of this from one rugged handheld device with 100% global coverage from Iridium. You can also pair it with your mobile device to access topographic maps and U.S. NOAA charts.





InReach se

InReach seFrom LOL to SOS and every message in between, DeLorme inReach SE makes any adventure better. With inReach SE, you can both send and receive text messages at the ends of the earth and everywhere in between with the handy color screen and virtual keyboard. When you're off the grid and out of cell phone range, you can quickly and easily share your journey with family and friends, let them ping and message you, and always receive a delivery confirmation that your message was sent -- all thanks to the Iridium satellite network with 100% global coverage.




InReach for Smartphones

InReach for SmartphonesConnects with iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Android® smartphones and tablets.

Amplify your smartphone’s coverage to -- everywhere. Ninety percent of the Earth’s surface has no landline or cellular coverage. These unserved, and often high-risk, locations are exactly where you most need reliable communications for anything from checking in with family/friends to obtaining emergency assistance.




C21-LocateThe C21-Locate is an intelligent location device for the monitoring of a variety of mobile and static assets. Designed to make maximum use of long life primary cell batteries, with multiple sensor and interface capabilities, a comprehensive management portal, and remotely configurable by the user.




GeoPro Messenger

GeoPro MessengerDesigned to work wherever you do, the affordable GeoPro Messenger has a rugged exterior, dedicated emergency button, simple form factor, and on screen keyboard, to connect and protect employees better than any single device on the market today.

The GeoPro Messenger device supports global two-way text messaging, data collection, tracking, hassle-free check-ins, and makes it easy to call for help and communicate details about the emergency to assist first responders.


 Smart Phones

In addition to satellite based messaging devices, the Global Alerting Platform supports the GPS enabled smart phones from companies such as Microsoft and Apple. Not only can these type of devices be the recipients of messages from the Global Alerting Platform, but can also be the initiator of position reports and alerts. 

Our Professional Services Team has developed a number of location aware applications for business specific requirements, including personal tracking, geo-location and Iridium SBD integration.



Yellowbrick The Yellowbrick v3 unit is a small handheld unit which is designed to provide tracking and two-way messaging to personnel in the field. It can also be used for fleet management on land or sea.

It is a lightweight, rugged handheld device which uses the Iridium satellite network to transmit your messages, and your location, from anywhere in the world.




The RockSTAR Two-Way Messenger is a truly global communication device and tracking system. The unit is a waterproof, lightweight, rugged handset built to withstand the most challenging environments. It allows you to transmit your messages, location and for full two-way communication anywhere on Earth, even when out of mobile network range.




The RockFLEET is a global tracking device designed for permanent use aboard marine vessels and land vehicles. It operates as a standalone GPS tracker, and is compatible with iPhone/iPad and Android for messaging. The RockFLEET can also be used as a comms device with any serial based controller. It has an optional GSM unit, which allows it to use terrestrial mobile phone networks when possible, automatically switching to the global Iridium satellite network when GSM is not available. This combination of GSM and Iridium provides a cost effective, and truly global, method of tracking and communicating with your assets wherever they may be. The unit is waterproof, ruggedised, with a variety of mounting options to suit your needs.


 iSatPhone Pro

 The isatPhone Pro is Inmarsat’s own-designed and manufactured satellite phone, offering clear voice telephony, globally. It also comes with a variety of data capabilities, including SMS, short message emailing and GPS look-up-and-send, as well as supporting a data service of up to 20kbps.

It is one of the most robust handsets in the market and purpose built for the Inmarsat-4 network - the most sophisticated satellite communications network in the world. With great pricing packages available on hardware and airtime, it really does deliver the ultimate combination in any satellite phone.

 iSatPhone 2

iSatPhone 2The Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 satellite phone is the enhanced version of the ‘Pro’ satellite phone.

A powerful, dependable satellite phone delivering high voice quality, voicemail, text and email messaging, plus tracking and assistance alert features. All packaged in an ergonomically designed rugged handset.



Thuraya XT-Pro

Thuraya XT-Pro

The Thuraya XT-PRO is the first satellite phone with built-in GPS, BeiDou and Glonass capability for highest flexibility in all regions. It has the biggest display on any satellite phone and comes with hardened Gorilla® glass for harsh environments. The screen is designed for glare resistance which allows for optimal visibility in bright sunlight and it includes a brightness sensor to automatically adjust the backlight of the display.



  SPOT from Globalstar

SPOT Personal TrackerIf you already possess a SPOT Personal Tracker or a SPOT GPS Satellite Messenger then it is easy to use these devices on our platform. All you need to do is configure your SPOT device to route its messages to the Global Alerting Platform. The SPOT devices are uni-directional so you only send messages from the device and not to the device but all other features still apply including message routing and translation. For example, you can send a message from your SPOT device and have it delivered to an Iridium SBD device or have your regular position reports automatically update your friends via your favourite social network. Perhaps, more importantly, providing support for these devices allows for mixed deployments and the protection of existing investment.  


 SkyWave IDP Range

Using the IsatData Pro satellite network, the IDP series of satellite and satellite-cellular terminals offers customers a quick and smart way to connect people and assets anywhere in the world. Models include:

IDP-680 - for general remote asset management and communications
IDP-690 - engineered for maritime and low elevation-angle applications
IDP-780 - integrated satellite-cellular communication for workforce automation and other intelligent business services



Queclink Trackers

Queclink GL300GAP supports the Queclink range of GPS trackers: 

Queclink GV500

Asset Trackers GL300 - The water resistant GL300 is a powerful GNSS locator designed for lone worker, vehicle, pet and asset tracking applications.

Personal Tracker GT301 - The GT301 is a powerful GSM/GPS safety phone designed mainly for seniors and lone workers. Its built-in GPS receiver has superior sensitivity and fast time to first fix.

Vehicle Trackers GV500 - The GV500 is a vehicle tracking device that plugs into a vehicle's OBDII port. Its compact design allows easy installation. Its internal OBD reader can obtain information from the vehicle's on-board computer and relay it over GPRS networks


 SmartOne from Globalstar

Designed for the intelligent management of powered and non-powered fixed and movable assets, SmartOne is a practical solution for engine runtime reporting and major fault monitoring for portable construction equipment as well as tracking intermediate bulk containers, vehicles and boats.



  Quake Global Q-Pro

The Q-Pro provides economical two-way machine-to-machine (M2M) and business to business internet communications with land, marine or aviation based assets and equipment anywhere in the world. The Q-Pro can cost-effectively retrieve data automatically from isolated power substations or remote metering facilities such as oil and gas supply stations. Mobile assets such as trucks, ships and containers can also be more effectively monitored and managed. Designed for multiple applications, the Q-Pro is a flexible solution that can be utilized by both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and low-volume users. This self-contained solution is also a great option for any developer that is facing an accelerated time-to-market requirement.



With SAILOR FleetBroadband, users on vessels of every type and size can harness the power of broadband internet. SAILOR FleetBroadband enables everything from email and web browsing, through to video streaming and custom IP applications that are used for collaboration, fleet management and service applications. Not to mention high quality simultaneous voice calling.

Another advantage of SAILOR FleetBroadband is that the terminals are relatively low-cost, compact and lightweight, so it is very easy to get started. In fact, most users are able to install the systems themselves in a few hours, and because they are designed and manufactured to the renowned SAILOR standards, they can be relied upon to provide connectivity, even in the harshest conditions.



GTTS-3000GAP supports the GTTS-3000 Tracker Series from GTT Systems.

The GTTS-3000 was developed especially for the maritime market to be used on sea going vessels as well as for the smaller coasters.




GTTS-2000BiGAP supports the GTTS-2000 Tracker Series from GTT Systems.
The GTTS-2000B Tracker is used to track and trace objects in the most simple and reliable way covering the entire globe. Especially objects that can't provide a suitable power supply or obtaining power is difficult or costly.


 SkyWave DMR

Skywave DMR800Devices such as the DMR range provided by Skywave are typically used in machine-to-machine applications for tracking and monitoring remote fixed or mobile assets, whether on land, at sea or in the air. As with other satellite provider based products, solutions based on this technology can be integrated into the Global Alerting Platform. Telemetry data, position reports and alerts can be routed in exactly the same way.


 Potentially any device!

With our advanced 'pluggable' architecture we can rapidly integrate practically any device into our platform so you can benefit from all the advanced messaging feat

ures and portal services without having to develop and manage your own software and infrastructure. As long as the device can report its position electronically, then the chances are we can integrate it into our platform. 

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